Types of Content Writing

What is Content Writing? 10 Most Popular Types of Content Writing

What types of content writer do you need for writing? It depends on your business goal and is valuable for any business. Content is such a medium for which you can attract your reader or audience. Image, audio, video, text, article, etc. are the parts of the content. Content writing is essential for a digital marketer.

What is Content Writing

Content Writing refers to online article writing, which is the process of planning, writing, and editing web content. It is a part of digital marketing that is created for a website’s online audience. The primary purpose of marketers to publish content on their website is that visitors can know about the new products or services and increase the website’s audience.

Some businessmen hire content writers to write articles, blog posts, or product review posts related to their business on their website or social media. In this case, content writers have to write content consistent with the company’s website based on different content writing.

Popular Types of Content Writing

Types of Content Writing

Content writers write various types of content for necessary. In this article, I will tell you about the 10 most popular types of it.

Blog Writing

Blog Writing is the most popular worldwide. A new content writer can start their career by blog writing. Blog writing is essential for e-marketing because it attracts your audience or visitors to your services or products.

A blog writer writes articles, blog posts, interviews, and research for visitors. A professional blog writer must have a piece of good knowledge about keyword research and search engine optimization (SEO) for ranking their blog on the Google search engine results page (SERP). If your blog has a good SEO, then your website visitors will increase up to 55%. 

Web Content Writing

Everything that is uploaded online, from image to text, is a type of web content. Some crucial parts or pages of a company website like blog posts, testimonials, product descriptions, mission, vision, objectives, About Us, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policies contents are called web content.

Various information about a company is available through web content. It brings targeted customers to a website. Those who write web content for business purposes should also know about search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword research.


Copywriting content makes website readers or visitors to customers. So, the primary purpose of copywriting is to generate sales from the website. For this, day by day, copywriting is becoming more popular worldwide.

A copywriting content writer writes about website copy, infographics, traditional print media (like press releases or print ads), product descriptions, and sales collateral.

Ghost Writing

When a writer writes something new for someone or a company, and writing credits go to that person or company CEO, this type of content writing is called Ghost Writing. In Ghostwriting, the actual writer hides from the audience.

The buyer buys the rights to write from ghostwriters in ghost-writing. Articles, e-books, white papers, thought leadership, off-page content, and website copy are the main topics for ghost-writing.

Email Writing

When a content writer writes an email, that content is called email writing, and the author is called an email writer. Email writers collect leads for a company by exploiting human behavior and mentality with their knowledge and proficiency by writing the email. 

A company uses Email Writing content for their customers to sign up for newsletters, take advantage of sales, enter contests, and take surveys.

Script Writing

Script Writing means the content writing of multimedia projects like audios, videos, podcasts, etc. Scriptwriters, who write scripts, have the expertise to write a story for the media and stay aligned with the messaging.

Video scripts, explainer video scripts, podcast scripts, radio/audio advertising, motion graphics scripts, and chatbots are the fields where a scriptwriter performs.

Social Media Writing

Which content is created for social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. is called Social Media Writing. However, over 40% of the population of the world uses social media, and it has a vast audience.

Business people want to use that vast audience to promote their business. So they need a social media writer to write about their brand or products so that the audience can know about their brand or products.

Social media writers create a post for engaging in social media platforms to encourage likes, comments, shares, and follows. They attract the attention of social media content readers, resulting in increased traffic as well as sales.

Creative Writing

Creative writing is an art of a content writer. By creative writing, we usually mean literary writing. A creative writer can write epics, poetry, song, fiction (novels and short stories), etc.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is where a technical writer writes a mechanical product’s guide, FAQs, instruction, manual, etc. A professional writer writes the technical content of technology or machines very easy for others to understand.

Academic Writing

Academic writing is writing on academic subjects such as assignments, thesis, publications, journals, etc. A writer who provides this service is called an academic writer.

Ending Thoughts

In short, content is called the king of a website. The better the content of a website, the longer the visitor stays on the website. We now know which ones we need from the top 10 most popular types of content writing techniques. We also know the difference between each other.

Having more visitors to a website puts it in a better position in the Google rankings. As a result, it increases the chances of selling a product or service. So we have to upload good content for a website.

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