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Keyword research is the foundation of your business website because a correct keyword will bring you a lot of organic traffic. The more traffic you get, the more your business will grow, and your income will also increase. Perfect Keyword Research Service is called the heart of SEO.

What Is SEO Keyword Research?

SEO Keyword Research Service

A process of discovering words, queries, or phrases that people search in the search engine for information, transaction or services. It is also known as keyword or keyphrase research.

From ahrefs study, 90.63% of web pages do not get any traffic from search engines for proper SEO keyphrase optimization. If you publish content on your website without the right keywords, be it related to products or services, it will not rank on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

But also keep in mind that there are certain places to place keywords in the content, which requires an SEO expert.

Keyword research will help you find profitable and in-demand keywords that people have searched for before. As a result, the right keywords can rank #1 in SERPs and will bring you valuable organic traffic.

What Is My SEO Keyword Research Service For?

You can get 4 types of keywords from me according to your needs.

I can help you find keywords related to Business, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and E-commerce, which will give you more visitors to your website. As a service provider, I will do SEO keyword research for Niche sites, Real Estate, Amazon, YouTube, etc., and for small businesses.

Best SEO Keyword Research

Each of my keywords will be –

  • Niche relevant
  • Low competitive
  • Profitable & Demandable
  • Low difficulty
  • High Search Volume
  • Long tail SEO keyword research (Google preferable)

Furthermore, if you need Golden Keyword, I can also provide you. Golden keyword means KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) keyword. It works magically and is very easy to rank #1 in SERP without any backlinks and with small content.

My SEO Keyword Research Strategy

I follow these six steps to complete the process successfully.

Website Review

I will review your website to know the current status of your website's existing keywords and organic traffic.

Competitor Analysis

I will analyze or spying 3 or more competitors’ of your websites to know more about their business strategies.

Niche Research

After that, I will review it again to ensure that no keywords related to your niche, which visitors search for, are left out.

Pick Keywords

Now it is the time to pick keywords. I will use industry-standard tools to find out relevant and profitable keywords.


I will make a report using Excel sheets or Google Spreadsheets with proper information.


Finally, I will deliver the report which contains the demandable keywords for your business.

Tools For Keyword Research

I use some industry-standard tools. Then I check that manually using my experience. Tools are below-

Previous Work Example

SEO Keyword Research Report Example
SEO Keyword Research

Keyword Research Service Price

I always offer affordable prices from others for this service. If you need SEO keywords, you can contact or hire me. I am available for freelance.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Actually, it depends on your business and keywords type. For knowing the price and details, please contact me.

There are many tools and all are good for finding results. But which is the best? It depends on the SEO keyword research experts. Such as I like to use Ahrefs and SEMrush for work. In my opinion, these two tools are the best for keyphrase research services.

Yes. The name of this tool is Google keyword planner. It is totally free of cost, and you can find keywords for your business through it.

Ahrefs and SEMrush are both the most powerful SEO tools. But Ahrefs is more costly than others, so SEO experts prefer to use SEMrush.

The keyword is the first step to ranking a website. For a perfect keyword, your business website will gain numerous organic traffic. As a result, you can earn more revenue from those existing traffic.

This time varies depending on the type of keyword, demand and expertise. As an expert, I take much less time, but it depends. Contact me to know how long it will take for you.

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